"It is August; it's springtime, it's the fight between winter and summer and my heart is filled with new flowers and I want to thank you for these new flowers.

We have worked very hard on this.

I'm not just speaking for myself but also for my son, my wife, my father and my nephew, for all the bushmen.

My dream has come true.

We all worked together on this.

I kept my dream a secret for so long.

I never wanted to tell people because they wouldn't believe me if they heard it out of my mouth.

If they see it in the video cassette only then will the people that come after me believe that my dream was true.

Everybody that worked on the film I would like to thank, it was worth it.

The Great Spirit guided our journey to show us the truth and I now feel a hundred, a hundred.

My community, my people all feel like me.

We hope there is a new future for my people, I'm very thankful.

My heart is blossoming like nature is blossoming."