The San or Khomani Bushmen, as they call themselves are the last group of hunter-gatherers that live in South Africa. They represent a way of life that has flourished for tens of thousands of years and unite all the peoples of the world.

Their innate humor which flows through almost every aspect of their life acts as a refuge to the often harsh realities that they deal with every day. All too often it is easy to cast them as naive, living a serene life moving to the ebb and flow of nature. In truth they live a fiercely independent life in a modern world which values little of what they hold precious, it is very hard but somehow they are still able to hold onto the wildness, the spirit of what it really means to be human, to be a bushman.

In this film we were lucky enough to have worked with some of the old hunter’s like Oupa /Gai who remembers as a child living a nomadic life where they were forced to leave the old or infirm in the bush to die rather than to let the whole group suffer, as the rain and animals moved off. Their way of life gave birth to the oldest spiritual practices on earth, to the origin of science and was a blueprint for community life. My Hunter's Heart re-kindles these archetypes in our modern world through the story of three special people.

A question that always seems to emerge is, "when will the Bushmen die out, when will the bow and arrow disappear..." Our desire is that this film will address this and give hope to many of the grand cultures of the world who are also under threat - My Hunter's Heart was one man's dream that reflects what is important to all people.

Damon and Craig Foster